Berlin Ultralight Workshop

laurel schwulst is in berlin for a few days longer, and wants to give a simple website-making workshop. andré fuchs kindly agreed to host.

two evenings this week: 7-9pm (19-21h) on thursday, dec 21 and friday, dec 22 ... 2023.

at Stockholmer Str. 4, 13359 Berlin — fuchs standard studio in wedding.

a wooden folding chair the studio needs more folding chairs, so you can either bring a folding chair (to donate to the studio) or 25 Euros, danke!

bring your laptop 💻 with a text editor (such as VSCode or Sublime Text) installed. Because of the workshop's focus, make sure to request your archive from Instagram or Twitter as soon as possible, because sometimes they are slow to send it.

to RSVP, send an email to and saying you would like to


Create a website to self-archive a meaningful social media of yours, such as Instagram, Twitter, or something else.

Some examples from my past classes: one, two, three, four, five. These are great but could be optimized further for faster web performance, maybe we can try some things in our workshop together?

Questions to consider: What do you include, and what don’t you include? Will you try to emulate the original social media look and feel as much as possible, or will you create something new (or something in-between)? Will you organize your posts in a specific way? Will you have multiple sections? What privileges do you let yourself have on your own site that are different than the social media source? We will also talk about writing alt-text and image optimization / lazy loading, so the sites can be accessible and easy to load on various connections.

To participate, you don't need to know code necessarily, but learning a little might be helpful.


thursday, dec 21, 7-9pm

* introductions from laurel & andré
* sharing concepts: html, css, alt-text, responsive
* sharing / tutorial of demo websites
* working time

friday, dec 22, 7-9pm

* sharing concepts: web optimization, publishing website
* working time
* sharing time


here it is!


participants coding in Fuchs Standard studio